The Real Mike D .com

Is this:
  1. the previous home of the crappy old web site?
  2. the future home of the awesome new web site?
  3. both of the above?

If you chose any of the above answers, you are correct!

If you chose some other answer, you are some kind of retard.
That's right! The crappy old web site is going to a nice farm where it can run free and play with other old web sites.
Coming soon is a brand new, super-mega-awesome site to take its place, featuring:
* Not really

So come back soon!!!

But not too soon - it isn't ready yet. Give it a day or two at least. Jeez!

If you are looking for my European travel blog, look no further. Well, okay, it's just a little further. It's right here:
I do custom web development for a living (if you didn't already know that). Looking for my professional site? Look here: